IMaH, Beautiful Beneath organise breast cancer seminar

IMaH, Beautiful Beneath organise breast cancer seminar

The International Maritime Hospital, as part of its breast cancer awareness activities this month of October, has partnered Beautiful Beneath, a dealer in lingerie products, to organize a seminar to educate the general public on Breast cancer.

The seminar which saw participation from both males and females, centered majorly on inspiring a change in society’s attitude towards breast cancer prevention.

Men were asked to be supportive of their women’s breast health, in terms of the breast cancer prevention and even during treatment should cancer be detected.

“The men should not shun women or not leave their wives if it happens that they have to have surgery because that is what is fueling this fear of getting screened,” the CEO of IMaH, Dr. Sylvester Yaw Oppong encouraged.

Early detection was emphasized as key to the cancer prevention, and women were entreated to eschew public stigma surrounding breast cancer, and prioritize their health by frequenting the hospital to get checked.

“Some women in Ghana attribute best cancer to witchcraft and other superstitions. I sell the mastectomy bras so I encounter people at stage 4 of the illness and that has made me embark on this awareness,” the CEO of Beautiful Beneath revealed.

Dr. Yaa Akyaa-Boateng, Family Physician Specialist at IMaH said some risk factors such as alcohol abuse, and unhealthy eating habits leading to obesity are very avoidable and urged Ghanaians to live healthier lifestyles.

“We don’t encourage fat rich diets because the junk foods we eat contribute to weight gain. And as you age, weight gain becomes central because fat cells produce estrogens. The more fat cells you have, the higher your risk. That is why we concentrate on healthy diet,” she stated.

The health practitioners called on corporate entities to financially support the sponsorship of women who may unfortunately suffer the fate of the cancer.

Dr. Yaw Oppong, CEO of the International Maritime Hospital, who revealed that the International Maritime Hospital has received massive patronage since its free breast cancer screening exercise, also encouraged more people to take advantage of the International Maritime Hospital facility.

“We also have a first class mammogram. So for people who may need mammography they can come to us. It is probably the only functioning mammogram within the Tema township,” he said.

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