10 reasons you should buy from Beautiful Beneath

10 reasons you should buy from Beautiful Beneath

Beautiful Beneath is a unisex lingerie and sportswear shop that is aimed at providing quality apparels for Ghanaians.

As the name suggests, they also have in stock quality undergarments from trusted brands, swimwear, sleepwear, shapewear among others.

One of the key sections in the shop is that bridal department where brides-to-be can select quality lingerie, garters, teddies, bras and panties among others for their pre-wedding and honeymoon.

There is also the maternity sections with stylish bras, shapers and waist trainers and other accessories to make motherhood easy inside and outside the home. Beautiful Beneath has become a one-stop-shop for the family as the kids’ sections keep getting exciting and stock with new sportswear, swimwear, sleepwear, sneakers and other things to enhance their extra curriculum activities.

Owned and managed by a businesswoman, Juliet Gyamfi, she has redefined the lingerie and sportswear business in Ghana. The vision of the brand is to make Ghanaians feel good and comfortable in what they wear.

Within the working hours, women are always encouraged to work in for free bra sizing and educated on the type of bra to wear beneath certain dresses.

Wondering what other reasons why you buy from Beautiful Beneath, check out these points:


All products displayed in the shop are handpicked from the UK and US in the original shops. Customers always get value for their money and they are guaranteed of its durability.


Beautiful Beneath is the only lingerie shop where every Ghanaian woman can get her right bra size. Heavily endowed Ghanaian celebrity, Pamela Odameo Watara, for instance, was left stunned when she walked into the shop and saw quality bras that fit perfectly for her


Colours have meanings and they mean a lot to people depending on their personality and preferences. All products in the shop are available in different colours for customers to choose from.

Free bra sizing

As mentioned earlier, bra experts are readily available in the shop to check for customers bra sizes to help them select the right bras to prevent breast sagging, neck and back pains.

Weekend sales

Every weekend is a great opportunity for customers to get extra discount on walk-in purchases. They also have selected items on discount every day aside from their mega discount sales in June and December.

24/7 online presence

The power of social media can never be underestimated in this current age. Beautiful Beneath is available on all social media platform 24/ 7 to assist local and international clients.

Customer care

Customer care representatives in the shop are trained by professionals on how to attend to customers, address their issues professionally and educate them when they are clueless about what they want.

Fast track delivery

Beautiful Beneath prioritise the needs of its customers hence customers located outside are assured their products will be delivered the same day after placing an order.

After-sale service

Beautiful Beneath always keep in touch with customers and updates them with new products and also inquire if the products they bought are serving its purposes.


Beautiful Beneath is located at East Legon, just around the A and C shopping which makes it easy for customers to locate.


Leave it upon Beautiful Beneath to surprise your loved ones with products on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries or other celebrations.

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